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I think there are some really helpful videos on Youtube so here are some:
Study Area Organization
School Tips: Notes
School Supplies + Study Tips
How I set up my Bullet Jounal
Memory Techniques 
Concentration Tips
Taking Notes and Studying
How to Study for a Test
How to Manage Your Time Better
How to Stay Organized/Motivated for School
My Successful Study Tips
How To Get Straight As
Be Mentally Strong
How to Stop Procrastination
If you know other helpful Youtube Videos for students or if a link isn´t working please message me!
Resources, resources, resources.


Here is a list of websites for med students (or anyone else) who needs access to practice questions, quizzes, or just better and cheaper resources for histology, pathology, biology, anatomy, and other subjects. Some of these I have mentioned in past posts, but this post consolidates them into one…


First group listing! This set has a spine and some individual vertebrae. 

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Welcome to Medblr.


Welcome to Medblr.
Medblr, /r/premed, and the premed/medical school group on twitter is the antithesis of SDN. All three are really caring and fun communities that I love being a part of, and I want other aspiring doctors to know about.

Now, I shall give you a crash course into the world of…


Eyes, nose, mouth, head, hands, ears and folds reference drawing tutorials.


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